We strive to bridge the gap between employers & training providers throughout the UK by providing fully qualified leads and opportunities. Ultimately helping to retain and motivate staff and new openings for our next generation of apprentices. Whilst promoting training and boosting brand awareness for clients across the country.

Learner Procurement

We have the capacity to help nationally or in specific areas of the country to identify existing members of staff for your desired training and qualifications. We will act on your behalf in providing an informative service helping to boost your brand and awareness of the services you offer, securing the learners you need to achieve your targets. Our process will ensure; we give the employers information on the specific course of interest, obtain the learners key information, full name, postcode, personal email address, national insurance number, and current qualifications they hold to access the course.

The data will be kept on an encrpyted system which you will be given access to approach the employer and arrange the enrolment. We would prefer to have the facility to set up the appointment with employer to ensure a smooth and efficient service for all, so we would prefer access to a minimum of one calendar per area.

Vacancy Find

We are experts in promoting the benefits of apprenticeships with employers helping to create new opportunities for apprentices ahead of skills shortages in industry. After discussing all areas of their business, we will identify where there is an opening, establish a clear job role, working pattern, pay and company benefits. The details will then be added to the encrypted shared system for your team to access and upload the vacancy.

Appointment Generation

We will ensure we provide a qualified appointment, meaning the employer will be made aware of all the relevant paperwork your team needs to complete, allowing sufficient time to engage and enrol the learners on to your course. When we are given the calendar for your team we will make sure we maximise their time, by effective diary planning taking into consideration locations of each visit.

Full Employer Engagement

We have the ability to canvas an area, maximise your brand awareness, secure appointments and also attend to complete all the required paperwork. From our experience we could visit up to 6 employers per day and potentially 30 per week to help boost your learner figures ultimately ensuring funding can be secured at your earliest opportunity, with all paperwork in place. This can also be offered to assist your teams, when initial visits have been completed however, you may have a back log which you need brought up to date. The paperwork we could complete as part of this service, would include:


  • Service Level Agreement/Contract

  • Enrolment Form

  • Vacancy template

  • Health & Safety/Risk Assessment


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